Eco Force™-Abrasives pads

Your ultimate woven based cleaning solution

Let's do it with water only!

Welcome to the new, sustainable, woven high-tech fabric solutions designed to in depth cleaning any type of surface.
Eco Force™ woven multi fiber abrasive pads and roll brushes with resilient hairs may penetrate their abrasive minerals in all pores and joints of the surface thus lifting the dirt into the draining rills.

Eco Force™ pads are able to remove spot, tire marks and floor finish.
Eco Force™ pads are so powerful that you can clean heavy soiled industrial and concrete floors with only water or a minimum chemicals.
Eco Force™ pads are self-cleaning: after use you have just to rinse out them with clean water for bacterial reasons.
Eco Force™ perform stably during the lifespan of the pad and with 5 different minerals in 3 grains it simplify your cleaning job.
Eco Force™ pads, in combination with Eco Force™ patent pending In between pad may fit under all types of cleaning sweepers, automatic scrubbers or robots.
Eco Force™ pads are available in all sizes.
Eco Force™ pads are specially developed for in depth cleaning.
Eco Force™ heavy duty & stripping pads will function best on low speed (1m/sec) and double pressure.

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