The idea of a green, sustainable business.

Johan Maris, Wish & Wash Founder and CEO

Serial entrepreneur, developer of the Eco Force™-Abrasives concept, Johan Maris has completely rethought the automated car-wash concept, revolutionizing the drying and post-drying cleaning process of vehicles.

Combining new technologies as well as exploring new materials, he started Wish & Wash company with the aim of investing in research and development of woven high-tech fabrics.

Eco Force™ woven multi fiber abrasive pads and roll brushes with resilient hairs is his most recent project.

With different types of abrasives that can be applied to its new heat resistant hairs (>400°C), Eco Force™ technology is able to enter in the smallest pores/joints of any surface while the open ridge structure of the woven discs additionally prevents dirt accumulation during the operations.

The congenital aggressiveness of Eco Force™ may guarantee a substantial reduction (very minor or zero use, depending on the cleaning application) of polluttant chemicals and working time.

True in depth cleaning while protecting the nature of the surface (e.g. grain structure) and long lasting cleaning/polishing/sanding power with faster effect completes the features of Eco Force™-Abrasives solutions which perfectly fits on both traditional and new generation (robots, AI equipment, etc.) machinery.

Technology change the way we evolve

Our Mission

The cleaning industry is dominated by a number of multinational companies that heavily focus on extending and ameliorating existing product lines leaving room for innovative challengers.

By applying woven high-tech fabric technology, our mission is to revisit the original problems finding better, eco-friendly ways to solve them.

Ultimately, we want to become a worldwide recognized leader in the field of high-tech woven cleaning fabrics and solutions.

Our Vision

To serve the market with more effective high-tech fabric products and innovative solutions for the cleaning, polishing and grinding industry.

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