In a world that urgently needs an Eco-Friendly way to approach your duties, we know you are struggling to obtain cost effective and in depth cleaning results.

Cleaning companies and Professionals currently using non-woven discs/pads and stiff hairs roll brushes suffer a lack of cleaning power mainly because of the limited depth intervention.

Due to the very nature of their horizontal cell structures, non-woven materials have an abrasive polishing effect but the residues that are released during this process fill the pores of the materials with the following adverse results: (1) residues deposit on cleaning surfaces or accumulate within the material itself (2) resulting in dirt fixation and accumulation to a level whereby the surfaces become a breeding ground for bacteria. Moreover, in case of stiff hairs roll brushes or stiff hairs pads use, the longest hairs will stay on the highest point of the surface without allowing its harmonious cleaning.

As a result, our Customers complain that neither of these products is really able to clean in depth, so that:

  • Structured floors will damage the non-woven pads with poor performance;
  • Stiff hairs pads will stay at the highest point of the floor surface with inadequate results;
  • To obtain decent results using traditional abrasive discs and roll brushes, more expensive and stronger pollutant chemicals are applied;
  • In case of deep cleaning application, the available abrasive applications in the market grind the surface taking material away;
  • Due to the open cell structure, once the pores are filled with dirt it then releases the dirt into joint and lower parts.

Eco Force™ woven multi fiber abrasive pads and roll brushes with resilient hairs are able to enter in the smallest pores/joints of any surface.

Different types of abrasives can be applied to our new heat resistant hairs (>400°C) while the open ridge structure of the woven discs additionally prevents dirt accumulation during the operations.

The abrasiveness may guarantee a substantial reduction (very minor or zero use, depending on the cleaning application) of aggressive chemicals.

True in depth cleaning of surfaces, while protecting the nature of the surface (e.g. grain structure).

Long lasting cleaning/polishing/sanding power, faster effect (reduces working time).

Perfectly fits on both traditional and new generation (robots, AI equipment, etc.) machinery.

Do you have a cleaning device and would like to use Eco Force-Abrasives pads to clean your patio, bricks, tiles, terraces, wooden surfaces, driveway or inside floors?
Are you a cleaning professional dealing with industrial hard finish-coated flooring, vinyl tiles, epoxy, marble, terrazzo, concrete, stone and wooden carpet, top coated floors, ceramic (and hi-gloss) tiles, hi-gloss granite?
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